Sunday, 13 January 2013

She Wanted to Eat A Child

Black fine-liner and fabric, edited on photoshop
A double-page spread illustration for a children's story about an evil women who wanted to eat a child and unfortunately ends up eating her own. I believe the layout for this double-page spread to be a success. The paper-chain children lead the viewer's eye into and along the page, effectively conveying her hunger in a sophisticated manner; the image is not gruesome or a literal illustration of the text. I am pleased with my final character design. The evil woman looks scary but not too terrifying for children, while the detail on her clothes, the hanging teeth and bonnet, adds interest to the illustration. To refine this illustration I would add a subtle flat background colour to emphasise the drawing and add a textured background to the woman's apron and bonnet to add further interest and detail.

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