Friday, 27 July 2012

Art, Craft and Flower Festival

I displayed these two pieces, as well as The Illustrator as a Phoenix and my Cat and Dog illustration for a children's book cover in my local Art, Craft and Flower Festival and received great feedback from visitors to the exhibition.

Kara the Koala Bear

Bears can swim

Bears are nocturnal

Bears love honey

Bears can fish

Four final double-page spreads for my picture book Kara the Koala Bear. I began by using mixed-media colouring pencils and fine-liner pen. However, I then decided to change medium; drawing the keylines in fine-liner pen, eyes in colouring pencil and then scanning these drawings aswell as different textures into the computer and editing on Photoshop. I feel that combining texture into my illustrations has made the aesthetic more striking, interesting and engaging for children.

Client Visuals

Four double-page spreads from Kara the Koala Bear

Meet Kara the Koala

I created the character of Kara the Koala Bear for a childrens book I was producing to be entered into the Macmillan Picture Book Prize 2012 . Unfortunately I didn't finish my final pieces in time to enter the competition but there is always next year! The story is based around Kara the Koala who thinks she is a bear. Her mum then explains how she is not a bear, but in fact a marsupial.


Beginnings of a drawing I started during the summer. The Deer's antlers are tree branches, inspired by a postcard my cousin Charlotte sent me when she was travelling in Indian of Tribal Art.

More Pet Problems

Skinny Pig

Lesser Known Dog Breed

The final brief set for Second Year Illustration was to produce 28 black-and-white illustration of given Pet Problems.

Pet Problems

Signs of a Stressed Guinea Pig

Living with Agressive Guinea Pigs

How to Keep Your Ferret Happy

Toy Suggestions for Rabbits

Ideal Housing for Rabbits
Dealing with Bird Obesity

Thursday, 26 July 2012

If We Could See Secrets

For an illustration brief at University, I was given the character Physiologist and the theme of construction with the challenge being to create an illustration for a visually sophisticated audience, based on the character having a 'secret' connected to the theme. I devised the idea of a Psychologist holding the secrets to how the mind is constructed. Mixed-media pencil, fine-liner, and Photoshop illustration which incorporates MRI scans of both normal and abnormal brains.

Harrison Bergeron

Mixed-media: fine-liner, white pen and Photoshop
Mixed-media: fine-liner, white pen and string
Front cover and double-page spread illustrations for the short story Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut, a story based on government control and the power of television in a future where intelligence and beauty is handicapped. Sophisticated adult audience. 

Nineteen plus One

Nineteen plus One, 19 snakes and One charmer. Sophisticated adult audience, produced using fine-liner pen, green and orange ink and Photoshop. Inspired by Indian and Southern Asian Naga, Celtic Knots and kaleidoscopes.


University project to produce a promotional item for a new maths book. The book title, Number=Fun needing to be an integral part of the design. I created a bold, playful and fun poster for in-store display, produced using fine-liner pen and Photoshop.


'Merry Christmas' Card design. Horses are awesome


Pictorial map of Havana. Mixed-media black pen, watercolour paints and Photoshop.

The Illustrator As A Phoenix

The Illustrator As A Phoenix. Constantly reinventing yourself. Mixed-media pencil and Photoshop 

Mythological Characters

The theme was 'The Illustrator As A ...' The university project was to produce a Facing Page illustration to be featured in the Association of Illustrator's magazine 'Varoom!' as a newly discovered illustrator. The idea I chose was 'The Illustrator As A... Phoenix' and began by researching mythological creatures.

Cat and Dog Children's Book Cover

Cat and dog book cover illustration aimed at children aged 5-8years. Mixed-media colouring pencil, watercolour paints and chalk.

Genetic Engineering

Cat and dog illustration aimed at New Scientist magazine readers for an article on Genetic engineering.  Mixed media black and white pen with watercolour paints.  

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Strange Feathery Beast

Two client visuals and first final pen illustration for the story 'The Strange Feathery Beast.'

Monsieur Ropotou

For the Second Year Illustration unit Books and Storytelling, we were set the project of illustrating the short story 'The Strange Feathery Beast.' The three main characters of the story are The farmer, his wife and Monsieur Ropotou the Devil. For the farmer and his wife I created anthropomorphist Pig characters while Monsieur Ropotou is based upon the body of a Gorilla and the face of a Tasmanian Devil. 

The Musicians of Bremen, Picture Book

The final part of the 'Musicians of Bremen' project was to produce four single pages and one double-page spread suitable for a picture book, illustrating 5 sentences taken from the story. The images above illustrate the sentence 'The three runaways traveled on and met a new friend.' 

The Musicians of Bremen, Final Graphic Novel

Final four-page Graphic Novel inspired by 'The Musicians of Bremen' by the Brother's Grimm.

The Musicians Of Bremen, Graphic Novel

The Second Part of 'The Musicians of Bremen' project was to create imagery suitable for a Graphic Novel. Inspired by the main themes of the story, I created the storyline of an overworked Donkey being chased away from his home at gun-point from his owner. To ensure my character was authentic and believable, I looked in detail at his facial expressions and body language. 

The Musicians of Bremen, Baby Book

For our Second Year Illustration unit Books and Storytelling we were set the project of using the story 'The Musicians Of Bremen' by The Brother's Grimm as a stating point to create illustrations for a range of audiences. Our first task was to create imagery suitable for baby books inspired by the story. The double-page spread above is one of my client visuals created for this project. 


Playing with scale and symmetry, I created these two striking illustrations out of ten interesting objects.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Summer Project 2011

Part of last years Illustration Summer Project was to collect 10 interesting objects, from second hand and charity shops, and record them through observational drawings. Two of my chosen objects were a Pilot Bear and a Grecian statue.