Sunday, 13 January 2013

Everything Stops for Giant Pocky

Pencil, black fine-liner and photoshop.
This illustration is for an advertising brief, targeted at a teenage audience. The product being advertised is Giant Pocky. The theme of Frankenstein's Monster and a rough layout including the characters Frankenstein, his male assistant and his monster was given, from which a final illustration was to be developed. Using these characters, I transformed Frankenstein into a bear and changed the gender of the assistant. The brief included the task of designing the text, except for the word Pocky. I am happy with the hand-rendered lettering; developing an ECG wave into text has added interest to the illustration. I employed limited colour within the design, using only red to emphasis the brand and create a bold strong illustration. To refine this advertisement, I would add more tonal shading and line work to the characters, as seen within my Social Gathering illustration, to add interest, detail and depth.

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