Monday, 10 June 2013

'For they were alive...all were living snow-flakes.'

Polar bear, snow flake Guard of the Snow Queen

Great porcupine, Snowflake Guard of the Snow Queen

Twisted Serpent, Snowflake Guard of the Snow Queen

'For they were alive, and were the guards of the Snow Queen, and had the strangest shapes. Some were like great porcupines, others like twisted serpents with their heads stretching out, and some few were like little fat bears with their hair bristled; but all were dazzlingly white, and all were living snow-flakes.' The Snow Queen 1845 By Hans Christian Anderson

A series of three drawings based upon the above passage of text taken from Hans Christian Anderson's The Snow Queen. I created this Guard of the Snow Queen series of illustrations using the mixed media of pencil and fineliner pen, marbled paper and Adobe Photoshop. After experimenting with paper marbling, I edited my favourite marbled pattern on Photoshop to create a symmetrical, Kaleidoscopic pattern to resemble the Northern lights above the Snow Queen's palace. These illustrations form part of my Final Major Project which was based on The Snow Queen. The target audience was sophisticated adults and the illustrations could possibly be used within a collectable edition of the book. 

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